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Kru172 & Rdikulus-Stop it [Lyrics]

[RD’s Verse] Started from the bottom now I’m here I still ain’t at the top where I wanna be but I’m here I gain a couple fans every day, but

Kru172- Sunlo Gall [Teaser]

Kru172 have just dropped a teaser to their upcoming video. the track is called “Sunlo Gall”, and is produced by Kru172. Video has been filmed by Harry Cheema, and edited

“What’s Yo Numba ?” – GD Singh feat. Nottotune

Rapper / Producer GD Singh aka Da Sikh Rapper has dropped his brand new single. The track is called “What’s Yo Numba ?”, and features Nottotune from Kru172 on the

“Tuney Kyun (Its You)” – Pardhaan, Slyck & DJ Jas [Video by Nottotune]

  “Tuney Kyun (Its You)” – Pardhaan, Slyck & DJ Jas [Official Video] [2013] The wait is over. DJ Jas, Pardhaan & Slyck have dropped their brand new video “Tuney

“Sajna Ve Sajna” – Guru Feat. Amrita Rana [ Video by Nottotune / Guru ]

  “Sajna Ve Sajna” – Guru Feat. Amrita Rana [Official Video] After getting an amazing response to the teaser, Guru from Desi Beam drops the full video of his brand

“Talking Freely” – Mojo [Video By Nottotune]

  “Talking Freely” – Mojo   From one of the finest hiphop crew of North India, Desi Beam, comes Mojo. Mojo just dropped his brand new solo “Talking Freely”. This

Lucky-Only 19 [Lyrics]

Hook: Im only 19 but my mind is older only only 19 but my mind is older {X8} Yeah yeah, kru172 L-u-c-k-y, hahaha, Im Back, yeah  Verse 1: I’m only

Lucky – “Only 19” [Official Video]

One half of Kru172, Lucky, drops the music video for his hit single “Only 19”. The video has been filmed & directed by Kru172’s other half, Nottotune. Nottotune had also

Lucky – “Only 19” [Promo]

   One half of Kru172, and One Commission member Lucky is about to drop the video for his single “Only 19”. The promo of the video has just been released.

“Aaja (Ikk Gall)” – DJ Danny & Kru172

Punjabi Giants from both sides of the border come back together for this massive collaboration. The track is named “Aaja (Ikk Gall)”. Produced by UK based produced Farhan Khan, this