Kru172- Nai Rukna [Official Video]

Kru172 are back with their brand new single “Nai Rukna”
After releasing the powerful Bhangra track “Dholiya” in collaboration with vocalist Jageer Singh, Kru172 is back with some hard hitting hip-hop. The track is called “Nai Rukna”, and is written, produced, and performed by Kru172. The video has been shot by Frame Art Films The track has been released by Zee Music Company, making this Kru172’s first and only major label release as of now. The track is available for purchase on all major digital platforms.

iTunes(₹18) | Google Play Music(₹15)

Artist: Kru172
Directed by: Nav Singh / Jas Dhiman
D.O.P.: Jas Dhiman
Editor: Nav Singh
Location Director: Rajveer Singh
MUA: Dekid Palmo
Project by: Navjosh Singh


FrameArt Fotography:

kru172-Nai Rukna[Lyrics]


[Verse 1]
Vekhe Bathere, aukhe ton aukhe samme
Bure ton bure din
Bura waqt langhaya ikk ikk pal gin
Samme de naal kinne badal gaye yaar
Oh sochde, ke main laggna ni paar
Udd geya sab pyaar, khaan lagg paye khaar
Par jar gaya main ehnaa saareyan de vaar
Laggda si samaa aukhna naio mukkna par
Socheya si ke main avien naio rukna
Kayian ne saath si ditta, bahuteyan mazaak udaya
Vekho main apne damm te hun thalle ton utte aaya
Hun sab kuch badleya badleya, main badleya apna andaaz
Duniya chon ikk vi bande te main ni karda vishvaas
Mere ton sarhde jehre, ohna di mainu nai parwah
Main jaavan agge vadh da, hun aape banaa ke raah
Jinne vi yaar matlabi, mainu ni thodi lorh
Rokeyan main ni rukna, bhavien laalo poora zor

Jhoothe pyaar di ni lorh, jhoothe yaaran di ni lorh bas
Rabb da chahida ae saath
Aukha waqt langhaya, hun samaa mera aaya, pichhe
Hovegi saari kainaat

Main ni rukna (aye ey)
Main ni rukna (aye ey)
Main ni rukna (aye ey)
Main ni rukna (aye ey)
Main ni rukna (aye ey)
Main ni rukna (aye ey)
Main ni rukna (aye ey)
Main ni rukna (aye ey)

[Verse 2]

Hoye saal bathere din vekhe change maarhe
Ikk ikk karke badal gaye saare
Kinni ae laggi daur, te kinne dhakke maare
Yaar chutte, dil tutte, nitt de painde puaare
Agg lagge vekh, yaaran de dil kaale
Yaaran de bhes vich, sappan de putt paale
Lukk ke baithe assin kiven zindagi ton nasse
Diggde hanju mere vekh saara jagg hasse
Main khadna ni rukna ni kise agge jhukna ni
Roklo je rok sakde ve main rukna ni
Talwaar, goli maar, laalo jinne hathiyaar
Vekhlo mukaa ke laalo zor main taan mukna ni
Langhde ne jaana hun dharti hilaa
Naale hath ni main aauna jiven challdi hawaa
Mera chitt kare jiven khamb laake udd jaan
Jaake ambraan de utte likh davaan mera naam
Agge piche firde ne ajj jehre saare, kal pith pichhe karde si gallan mere baare
Ve main vekh laye saare hi yaaran de dil kaale
Ethe saare hi ne baithe yaaro do moohan waale
Pairaan ch jagg rorh, deyan main haddan torh
Rabb je saath dave, maut vi deyan morh


Jhoothe pyaar di ni lorh, jhoothe yaaran di ni lorh bas
Rabb da chahida ae saath
Aukha waqt langhaya, hun samaa mera aaya, pichhe
Hovegi saari kainaat

Main ni rukna (aye ey)
Main ni rukna (aye ey)
Main ni rukna (aye ey)
Main ni rukna (aye ey)
Main ni rukna (aye ey)
Main ni rukna (aye ey)
Main ni rukna (aye ey)
Main ni rukna (aye ey)

Kru172 – Nach Lai [Official Video]

Kru172 are back with a brand new single to kick start 2017. The Dancehall flavored smash “Nach Lai” is written, produced and performed by Kru172. The music video has also been released via YouTube which is directed by Kru172 as well. The video features model/ acress Divya Puri, A cameo by DJ HMD Dhillione from Vancouver and Dances by DSW Dance Crew  from Chandigarh.

 After its well received world premiere on BBC Asian Network by veteran DJs Panjabi Hit Squad on January 7, the full song is out now worldwide on all leading digital retailers and streaming services.

TRACK: Nach Lai
ARTIST: Kru172
MUSIC: Kru172
VIDEO: Kru172
MAKEUP: Dekid Palmo
WARDROBE: Urban Theka
LOCATION COURTESY: Sarbloh Motors, Cubicle
GUEST APPEARANCE (Bouncer): DJ HMD Dhillione

Legally Download “Nach Lai”:

Buy on iTunes (₹12):
Buy on Google Play (₹15):
Stream on Saavn:

Connect with Kru172:

Twitter: @Kru172Music


Wizy Manuels “One More Time” [Video by Nottotune]

Wizy Manuels-“One More Time”
Check Out The Brand New Music Video “One More Time” By New Delhi Based Rapper Wizy Manuels Released Under Cessa Records. The Track Is Produced By Sagar & Mixed By Wizy Himself. The Video Directed By Kru172 Member Nottotune. Check It Out!
Wizy Manuels on Facebook: Wizy Manuels 
Cessa Records on Facebook: Cessa Records 
Nottotune on Facebook: Nottotune

Breakout – The Biggest Indian Mixtape

Breakout – The Biggest Indian Mixtape
Artist : Various Artists
Released : 03/06/2012
Genre : Desi Hip Hop
Number Of Tracks : 11

01. Keda Ni Janda – Pardhaan (Desi Beam) & JB (922)
02. Vicinity Killers – Enkore (MunkyRhymez)
03. Play it Loud – Kru172
04. Ghatak – Shady
05. Chakk Fatte – GD Singh Feat. ADX
06. Underground Affair – D’Evil
07. Piche Piche Aake – Rob-C & N-Gritz / Lovepreet
08. Super Supastar – MC Feral
09. Break the Rules – 2Shadez
10. O.M.F.S. – Ittefaq A.K.A. 99 Clips
11. Amaar Zindagi – Bangal Feat. Nau Sau Bai

Bonus Tracks:
01. Love Ho Gaya – Desi Playaaz
02. Kudi Freaky Freaky – Nau Sau Bai

Adx drops his very first Mixtape “BreakOut – Biggest Indian Mixtape” featuring some of the best Indian MCs covering lyrics written in English, Punjabi, Hindi, Haryanvi and Bengali.

According to Adx, BreakOut, is not just a mixtape its a state of mind.

“There are too many talented people out there who hardly get a chance to come out of their shell and grow, this is them breaking out and growing.

I have heard big producers ignoring/rejecting/wasting talented artists, making them wait endlessly, but once i witnessed the same myself i decided not to be a loser and took matter into my own hands and that is when i Broke Out.

The sole concept of putting out this mixtape is to get the featured artists the audience they would never reach otherwise.

This is the beginning of a movement, a Battallion of Desi Hip-Hop is born in India, by Indians. I hope to make a better world for Desi Hip-Hop and its Artists, towards a better future.
One Love!”

In total, BreakOut has 11 tracks featuring artists like Pardhaan(Desi Beam), 2-Shadez, Bangal, Enkore, Kru172 etc.

There are two Bonus tracks on the tape. First one featuring “Desi Playaz” of “Chal Jhoothi” fame singing a groovy club track titled “Love Ho Gaya”

and 2nd song “Kudi Freaky Freaky” is a cover track by Nau Sau Bai of Panjabi MC’s remix “Freaky Like That” from The Raj album, originally sung by Yung Texxus.

Nau Sau Bai also have a new video lined up for release for their 1st Single after their split from their previous production house, the track is titled “Akh Vich Radke”.

Download the mixtape here : Click to download
Alternate Download Link : Click here to download

Kru172 featured on

Kru172 gets featured on, The biggest Desi HipHop website, covering artists from all over the world. If your like our music, please open the link and give us a 5 star rating.

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Lucky – Only 19

Kru172’s Lucky Drops his new solo “Only 19”. The track is produced by Kru172’s other half Nottotune. This track has an old skool vibe to it. It samples legendary Mobb Deep’s trademark single “Shook Ones Part II” on the hook. Listen to the track, and lets us know what you guys feel, as Lucky goes hard with promising lyrics and old skool flow.

Kru172 on Facebook :

Nottotune on twitter : @nottotune

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Get It On The Floor (Desi Remix) – Official Music Video

Kru172 is out with a Music video for their hit single “Get it on the Floor [Desi Remix]”. The track is a collaboration with 2Shadez, and is produced by Da Muzical Doctorz. This track is a remix to a track of same name by Rapper DMX.
The Music video is made by Nottie himself, and shows Kru172 & 2Shadez performing live at various events. Enjoy the track, and the video.

Download Link : Click here to Download

Love Is Gone (Out Now)

Nottie is out with a brand new track called”Love is Gone”. This track is a collaboration with Zan from 2shadez, and GD Singh-The Sikh Rapper. It also features Sahiba on the chorus.
The track is produced by Daa Parv from Desi Beam. This track deals with all the stuff happening in the world today, and tells a tale about love disappearing slowly. Do give this track a listen if u want to hear some real talk. The track is available for Free Download.

Download Link : Click Here To Download