Kru172-Sunlo Gall [Official Video]

Kru172-Sunlo Gall [Official Video]

After a gap of more than a year, Kru172 is back with their brand new video.The track is titled “Sunlo Gall”. It has also been produced by Kru172. The Music video has been filmed by Harry Cheema, AKA Mista H, and edited by Nottotune of Kru172. This is kru172’s first video release in over 2 years. The video has been filmed at the Chandigarh Street Art Festival. It is the first track to be released from their upcoming Untitled Album.

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Kru172- Sunlo Gall [Teaser]

Kru172 have just dropped a teaser to their upcoming video. the track is called “Sunlo Gall”, and is produced by Kru172. Video has been filmed by Harry Cheema, and edited by Nottotune of Kru172. The video was filmed at Chandigarh Street Art Festival, which is held every year at Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh. Full video is scheduled to be released on April 13, 2014.

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Varinder Gill & Kru172 – Pare Ton Pare [Official Video]

+Kru172 drops their brand new track “Pare Ton Pare” with Punjabi vocalist Varinder Gill. The track is a fusion of Bhangra and Hip-Hop. Blending the Hip-Hop sounds of Kru172 with Varinder Gill’s folk voice, and traditional punjabi instruments. The Video has been filmed by Harry Cheema AKA Mistah H, and edited by Nottotune. Harry Cheema also makes a cameo appearance in the video.
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Kru172 & Varinder Gill – “Pare ton Pare” [Teaser]

Kru172 is all set and ready to launch their brand new project. But this time, its something different than the previous releases. Kru172 presents to you, the powerful voice of Varinder Gill. The brand new track is called “Pare Ton Pare”. It is written and performed by Varinder Gill, and is produced by Kru172. The video has been filmed by Harry Cheema. Full video is set to be released on February 27th. So get ready to witness this collaboration, as Bhangra meets Hip-Hop.
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Bohemia – Rooh |Remix| feat. Pardhaan

Pardhaan finally drops his much anticipated remix to Bohemia’s “Rooh”. Pardhaan drops a verse in hindi to the original Rooh. The remix is accompanied by a video.  Pardhaan’s verse is his own take to the whole concept of “Rooh”, in a hindi poetic form, mixed with pardhaan’s trademark unique flow and delivery. Video for Pardhaan’s part has been shot and edited by Kru172’s Nottotune. Check out the video, this is not something you would wanna miss.

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Ikk Duni Do – Guru & Lucky

Kru172’s Lucky collaborates with Guru from Desi Beam for the first time, on this track called “Ikk Duni Do”. The track is produced by Kru172’s Nottotune. Its got Guru on the 1st verse & the hook, and Lucky on the 2nd verse. The track has an old skool vibe to it. Nottotune adds a bit of desi flavour towards the end. Check out this Hip-Hop banger as Kru172 meets Desi Beam for one more time.

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Rita Rose – ONE

Pittsburgh based rapper Rita Rose drops her debut mixtape entitled “ONE”. the mixtape features 13 tracks. All the track address various topics related to the world and society.
Rita Rose defines the mixtape as”“One” promotes peace, love and hip honesty. One is all or none. Music is a force to be reckoned with and what better way to get people to open their eyes and smell the roses than hip hop? “One” is unity. “one” is hope. “One” is truth.
The mixtape features production by Kru172 on 2 tracks. The tracks are “We Are Energy”, and “Keep Calm & Float On”. Also, the cuts on “Paint it black” have been performed by Kru172

ONE- Track-listing
1. Home of the $lave ( Rosa Sparks & Prod. By DjMT)
2. I’m Awake
3. Paint it Black
4. Mad, Mad World
5. Angry, Young & Poor
6. Catching Ghosts
7. Eye Against Eye
8. I’m Happy Now
9. Save the world in a day
10. We are Energy (Prod. Kru172)
11. i Imagine
12. Stand Up Now! (Rosa Sparks & Prod. DjMT)
13. Keep calm & Float on (Prod. Kru172)

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“What’s Yo Numba ?” – GD Singh feat. Nottotune

Rapper / Producer GD Singh aka Da Sikh Rapper has dropped his brand new single. The track is called “What’s Yo Numba ?”, and features Nottotune from Kru172 on the last verse. The track has been produced by GD Singh himself. It is all about GD Singh and Nottotune asking girls for their phone numbers in a rather funny manner. Another special thing about this track is the unique lyrics video which features GD Singh & Nottotune’s animated faces along with the lyrics on screen. The track is available for free download.  
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“Tuney Kyun (Its You)” – Pardhaan, Slyck & DJ Jas [Video by Nottotune]

“Tuney Kyun (Its You)” – Pardhaan, Slyck & DJ Jas [Official Video] [2013]
The wait is over. DJ Jas, Pardhaan & Slyck have dropped their brand new video “Tuney Kyun (Its You)”. The track has been produced by DJ Jas, who also features in the video. It has Hindi & english verses by Pardhaan & Slyck respectively. Video has been filmed and edited by Nottotune.    

Dee MC – “Talk My Way” [Prod. By Kru172]

Talk My Way
Mumbai based rapper Deepa unnikrishnan a.k.a. Dee MC just dropped her brand new video. The track is called “Talk My Way”. This track has been produced by the duo Kru172. This video has been shot by D’evil of MunkyRhymes, and audio has been recorded by IceBoul. “Talk My Way” is also the very first video of Dee MC, after she got a lots of recognition and appreciation for her previous tracks “Apologize” and “No Static”.  
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