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  1. Where can an American fan buy a black KRU172 T-shirt?
    I stumbled across you guys on youtube, and have been a fan ever since. I’ve turned a lot of my friends onto your music. I live n New Jersey, and we have a huge South Asian population here, and I would love to rock your shirt as a conversation starter – with the friends I haven’t met yet. Keep pumping out the great music. I hope to one day travel to India, and see you perform in Chandigarh.

    • Hey!
      So good to know that people are listening to our music in New Jersey. We’d like to thank you for this 🙂
      We’re working so hard on making Kru172 T-Shirts available for sale. They will be available for sale in India in the next few days.
      For now, they’re not available outside India. But you can drop an e-mail at kru172music@gmail.com, and we’ll try to get one to you somehow 🙂


  2. hey,
    biggest fan of ours…luv ur all songs but especially stop it n sheher mera yaara chandigarh..waiting for ur upcoming songs…and at last i juz only wanna say that nottone u r so handsome.. :)<3

  3. Hey kru 172. Just came across your music through one of the sukhe interview. He mentioned about the song he did with you guy. I started searching found out kru172. Your music and songs are awesome i must say. But one thing i noticed you guys are not doing a lot of music nowadays. Any chances of collaboration with sukhe or featuring him in your song lol.

    Regards. Big up.

    Camoflauge from dubai

    • Hey,
      Thanks a lot man!
      Yeah we’re basically slow lol, but we just believe in making quality music rather than making like 100 average songs. We try to put our best into every song we make. A collaboration with Sukh-E, haha well that’s something that you should rather ask him.
      But yeah more music is coming soon, real soon.

        • Its nothing like that, we’re in really good terms with Sukh-E
          Its just that we can speak for ourselves only, and we are open to it. Sukh-e is obviously doing lots of stuff nowdays so it could be hard to take out time to brainstorm with something new

  4. Hey bros, great music , you guys are doing a great job !!
    Would love to hear some new music from u guys soon.
    Had a question for you , I saw an article in the Tribune on 23.08.2016 ( Rap up the fight).
    I love the “Chandigarh” cap you’re wearing.
    Could u tell me where u got that from ?
    Thanks bros, Cheers! !

  5. Jinder mahal’s new theme ‘sher’ by #kru172 is just awesome. You guys did a great job for the theme with the mixture of ‘traditional’ music and ‘hiphop’. Whats your thoughts about this song?

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