Kru172 & Rdikulus-Stop it [Lyrics]

[RD’s Verse]
Started from the bottom now I’m here
I still ain’t at the top where I wanna be but I’m here
I gain a couple fans every day, but I’m still staying the same way
Promise to stay the same dude even if the change come my way
Still the same asshole to the lames in my way
And you can get your ass kicked if you play with my money
They be talking behind my back but come say it to my face
That’s why your girl be kissing you with my cum stains on her face
And the name is R D I K U L U S
I’mo murder this fucking beat and then go yell “who’s next?”
The flow be on some bodybuilder shit like Bowflex
I go hard in this bitch, nice and easy like slow sex
But I speed it up, beat it up, chop it up, then I eat it up
I go cold in the summer, hot in the winter, while you’re mother fucking season’s up
Ain’t nobody wanna talk to your boy, when the skies were looking grey
Now everybody wanna ride your dick, the girls is fine, but these guys look gay
[Hook X2]
Hey, stop it
Now I just say what I wanna say because I’m poppin’
[Notto’s Verse]
jiven charhde suraj nu hundiyan ne salaama
ovien loki aaun pichhe jad hundi ae chadhayi
jehre kehnde si nikamma, ohi raula paunde kehnde
RD-KRU172 duniya te duhayi
Ki milna dasso thonu, karke mere baare gallan
waise mainu parvaah ni, main taan apni chaal hi challan
banda main siddha saada, bas thoda jehra gussa zyada
dil vich jo aave karda, na kise ton puchhan zyada
jo vi main kitta ajj tak, kitta sab kuch aape main te
dass kehra karza jehra nahi modeya taithon laike
naam main aap kamaya kade kise de vall ni takkeya
diggeya main kinni vaari par haunsla dil vich rakheya
kitti main mehnat poori, fateh main kitta ve har maidaan
hun ikk ikk bol ve mera, kichhe sab lokaan da dhyaan
apne vi sunde nai si, enne din maade vekhe
hun mainu saari duniya chon lokaan de aaun sandese
[Hook X2]
Hey, stop it
Now I just say what I wanna say because I’m poppin’
[Lucky’s Verse]
Jo vi aaundi dil ch, main bolda ohi gall
main aan gall ajj di te tusi beeteya kal
tuhanu kinni vaari tokeya par aaundi ni akal
chadd dao rap karna, eh thodde vass di ni gall
hun mera thode te nishana, haan main aa geya thodde vall
labb lo lukne di thaan, ya mainu rokne da hal
par main rukna ni, naa mere iraade ne atal
te mainu tusi rok lo, naaa, enna thodde ch ni bal
eh beat hot, flow kaim
sun loki kehnde oh damn
mera rap enna tez maithon rukeya ni jaana
eh ki main kari jaana oh no man !
main vajj jaan na kise de vich, ya koi aaje na mere thalle
ehe jaali rappers ne tich, ehna sabnu saambh laan main kalle
mere baare gallan karde ne nitt, kakh vi ni ehna de alle palle
yaar kehnde khich jawana khich, ehna sabnu laa dena appan thalle
te bak bak bak bak bak sunke ehna di loki saare akk gaye
hun samaa ehna da mukk geya, RD ehna nu dass de
[Hook X2]
Hey, stop it
Now I just say what I wanna say because I’m poppin’

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