O.N.E – The Album (Out Now)

O.N.E. -Underground Collaboration album by Nottie from Kru172, and Roxy,The Teen Rap Sensation from Libya, is finally released.
This album contains 12 tracks in total,produced by DJ Parv,DJ Jas and Nottie himself.
Album’s first single,”Just Me” which featured DJ Danny and Deepa Sai,was released a few days ago,which got a great response,crossing 200 downloads in 48 hours from its release.

Guest Appearances include DJ Danny, Jazz Dhaliwaal, Tha Parv and Kru172 member Lucky on various tracks.

Production comes from Tha Parv (Desi beam) on 3 tracks Vichhora(Tera Mera Saath), “Just Me” and “Wish If” , By DJ Jas on “Kawaan Reloaded” and “Gal Sun ja (Rap Mix) (co-produced with Nottie)”
Rest 7 Tracks are Produced by Nottie Himself.

Tracklisting (Click to download):

1 Intro (ONE)
2 We Are ONE” Feat. DJ Danny
3 “Gal Sun Ja” Feat. Jazz
4 “Vichhora (Tera Mera Saath)” Feat. The Parv (Prod. Tha Parv)
5 “Just Me” Feat. DJ Danny and Deepa Sai
6 “Gal Sun Ja-Reggaeton Mix” Feat. Jazz
7 “Put It Up”-Kru172 and Roxy
8 “Kawaan Reloaded” (Prod. DJ JAS)
9 “They Can’t”-Feat. DJ Danny
10 “Gareeb Rappers”
11 “Wish If” Feat. Slyck
12 “Outro (Thank You)”

Listen to the Promo of ONE tracks : Click here
Download the Complete album in ZIP format : Click here

Hope you like the album.

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